Jackson Hole Summer Activities

The summer season in Jackson is a busy time of year. Long days allow for much exploring and adventure to be had. This coupled with the large number of things to do often overwhelms even the locals. There are activities available from dawn ’til dusk and beyond. Jackson also hosts many festivals and events throughout the season which adds to the already mind bogling number of experiences that await you.

It being the busiest time of year here in Jackson, we suggest doing a little planning ahead. Many people are surprised by the number of summer visitors to our area. Once you arrive and see the sheer beauty of this region, you will know why.

Do allow yourself some downtime in order to actually soak in the beauty of your surroundings and the enjoy the laid back Wyoming lifestyle. Some people will often try to schedule so many activities/events, they may need to cancel some. There is nothing worse than needing a vacation to recover from vacation.

June, July, and August are true summer months here in Jackson Hole. The weather does tend to be fair and moderate at this time of year. Temperatures generally range from lows in the 40’s or 50’s at night to daytime highs in the 70’s and 80’s. Jackson Hole never really feels “hot” with temperatures rarely getting into the 90’s.

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