Jackson Hole Spring Activities

As the cold of winter is replaced by the warm days of spring, the thaw begins. Sporadic weather activity is a sure bet, so be prepared for, and expect it all. The weather is the key to as to how much you will be able to get out and see and enjoy your surroundings. The coolest thing about the weather here, it truly is what often makes Jackson so magical. Jackson Hole Spring activities will become more abundant the closer to June that you get.

This slower time of year and the more affordable rates can make Jackson quite attractive for those looking to get away. There are some great events that supplement the “off-season.” The lack of crowds can allow for some true serenity. Until the National Parks open there are a somewhat limited number of things to do and places to go.

The Hole Concierge calculates Spring as being from when the resorts close in April until the second weekend of June. During this time period the weather is very sporadic. If traveling to the area, check the mountain weather forecast before departing. The national parks will begin to open in early May. Access to all vendors, full services and all ammenities generally becomes available around Memorial Day weekend.

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