Jackson Hole Lodging options are many. The  wide arrange of lodging options and their locations are excellent in pairing the individual or group with their vision of the ultimate Wyoming vacation experience.  Jackson Hole is a valley that is approximately 60 miles long and 20 miles wide with many small communities scattered throughout it. The largest of these communities being the town of Jackson.

The town of Jackson is in the South Central end of the valley with Grand Teton National Park comprising most of Northern portion of the valley. Yellowstone lies further North beyond Grand Teton. You are always “close” to the parks and most other things in the area, as travel distances are not that far. The following is a guide to the many “general lodging areas” of Jackson Hole.

As stated earlier, Yellowstone National Park starts at the very Northern end of the valley and is within 45 to 60 miles from the majority of the lodging options in the valley.

Town of Jackson

The town of Jackson is where the largest concentration of lodging options can be found. The spectrum represents everything from campgrounds, hostel, hotel and  motel style to the most luxurious of spaces. For convenient access to downtown, the closer to the town square that you are, the less driving and looking for parking you need to do. Utilize the free S.T.A.R.T. town shuttle whenever possible. Most everything in the core of the town of Jackson is walkable and centers around the town square.

You are within 5 miles of the Grand Teton National Park boundary and about 12 miles from the physical entrance station to the park. The entrance to Yellowstone National Park is 55 miles to the North. You will typically pass through Grand Teton National Park enroute to Yellowstone National Park.

South Jackson

Still in town, but further from the town square in distance than most would like to walk. This area has hotels and motels located from 1.5 to 2.5 miles from the town square. There are a number restaurants and shops in the vicinity, yet it is removed from the center of town and the crowds that go with it. Highway access is very convenient to the establishments and would be highly recommended for those traveling with trailers or larger vehicles, like 30′ RVs and 5th Wheels. Rates at these places do tend to be a slightly lower than those located closer to the center of town. Utilize the free S.T.A.R.T. town shuttle to get around whenever possible.

Travel distances to and from the parks are the same as the Town of Jackson, you are staying within the town of Jackson.

Teton Village

Teton Village is 12 miles from the town of Jackson, nestled on the western edge of the valley at the base of the Tetons. This alpine village serves as the base area to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You will find condominium, townhome, hostel, hotel and vacation homes available here. This resort area has shops, restaurants, and a number of recreational activities are just out your door. There is access to the community pathway and the S.T.A.R.T. public bus service. Most of the more modern hotel/spas are located here. During the Winter Season a “orbit bus” runs between the residential condos and the village core.

You are within 1.5 miles of the South Western entrance station to Grand Teton National Park. The Southern entrance to Yellowstone National Park is located 50 miles North of Teon Village. You will typically pass through Grand Teton National Park enroute to Yellowstone National Park.

The Aspens and Teton Pines

This smaller resort type area is centrally located in the valley, four miles from Teton Village and eight miles from Jackson. There are a handful of shops and restaurants along with a small grocery store, all within walking distance.

Golf, tennis, and a pool(during the summer months) are located on site. Additionally the community pathway system through this area can be conveniently accessed. The S.T.A.R.T. public bus service can be accessed as well. This is a small community with a mix of vacation and residential properties, which makes it comparably quieter than many other lodging areas.

Travel distance to the parks are comparable to that of Teton Village.

Around the Valley

There are a number of lodging options outside of town which are not located in previously listed lodging nodes. Vacation homes, ranches, bed and breakfasts, and boutique resort properties are scattered throughout the valley.

South of town there are many camping and RV sites, a handful of motel/hotel and cabin style lodging establishments. Here, you will escape town and often be in close proximity to the Snake and/or Hoback rivers. Other areas offer their own unique environments as well.

The drive to town can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on where you stay. You will need to add that time onto your travel time to and from the parks. The START public bus service does not service most of these area.

North of Jackson

North of Jackson puts you very close to the national parks. The views are certainly much more dramatic than in other areas of the valley. There are dude ranches, vacation homes, resorts, campgrounds, RV sites, cabins and lodges located throughout the Northern end of the valley. The Togwotee Pass area is very beautiful and somewhat remote for those looking for a little more seclusion.

Getting into town in the early evening can be somewhat slow during the peak of the summer season with the large numbers of people heading back to town after their day in the parks. The START public bus service does not service this area.

National Parks

The National Parks provide an unparralleled opportunity to take in the full beauty of the area. Wildlife is abundant, and you are closely situated to most of the major attractions. When looking to stay in the national parks, contact them directly to get more information on the full spectrum of lodging options available. Park lodging fills up fast, so call early.

Campgrounds & RV Parks

Campgrounds can be found scattered throughout the valley and national parks. All provide well maintained facilities and have varying rates.

General Information

Use the area guides from above to determine which part of Jackson Hole is right for you.

Cancellation policies for lodging establishments vary from property to property, verify the cancellation policy at the time of booking.

For more information on Jackson Hole lodging options, please contact us.