Jackson Hole Fall Activities

As Summer fades and shorter days and cooler nights settle in upon the valley a beautiful transformation takes place. Animals ready themselves for the approaching winter. The leaves change and set the valley ablaze with color. Many animals migrate to their wintering grounds. Animals are active and on the move, providing ample opportunities for wildlife viewing. This quieter time of year is much appreciated by the locals.

Many activities are still available throughout the fall. With the onset of colder temperatures many outfitters close or begin to transition into their winter activity. Be prepared for ever changing weather conditions the later into the season it gets.

Most lodging establishments will have lower rates, and many offer some sort of off season special or package deal. A few Restaurants in the area close down for some or all of the “off-season”, somewhat limiting dining options. The ones that do stay open have some amazing deals, special menus, or offer something out of the ordinary. Check Dishing or the Dining section of the daily paper for more information regarding dining specials.

September and October are solid fall months.¬†Cool nights, crisp mornings and mild daytime temperatures are characteristic of September and October. November generally turns more winter like by most people’s definition, with cold temperatures and scattered snowstorms. Activity in the valley slows with the closing of the National Parks and Jackson becomes a sleepy little mountain town, for a short time.


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